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Wedding photography- worth the money? YES!!! NO DOUBT! 

Here you can see some of our photos from the wedding :). and there is MORE :))))
We're are so happy that we booked a great photographer. 

SO..... Thats  my biggest recommendation if youre planning your wedding. Book a good photographer! 
Make sure to book the photographer at least 8-9 months maybe even up to a year before the wedding. The good ones get booked fast. ;)

Have a dialog with the photographer and make sure that he/she have checked out the venue before the wedding. What you pay for, ideally a flat fee for ALL the photos and not pay per photo.

Go thru the arrival times and photos you want to make sure you have. Also see how long the photographer can stay. Ideally give him food and offer him to stay to after the first dance. That way you have alot of footage and material after your big day! 

We are definitely doing a coffee table book with our photos cause they are absolutely amazing!
Lovely Josef Peyre from Peyre Wedding took our photos and we couldnt be happier. 
I totally recommend him if you have a wedding happening in Stockholm area. 
he is on instagram and have a facebook page Peyre Weddings. Check him out! 

Stay tuned for more photos! 

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Today is the first day on our second year as husband and wife 😍 1st Wedding Anniversary (2019-08-25). We had an amazing trip to London where we enjoyed a dinner & stay at @thegoring. Can’t wait to see what the future will bring! 💕 #noblelumholdt2018 #weddinganniversary 😘😘😘@chris_d_noble


I wanna thank everyone that has been sending me messages wondering how I’m doing and what I’m up to. You might have noticed that I haven’t been that active on this account and that’s because I started a private account that some of you might already be aware of. I have spent these last 6 months focusing on my life in England. I have started a new “normal” job and getting back into a routine with my training, husband and the dogs in Portchester. I hope that I’ll feel motivated to update here but I don’t want to live with a phone glued to my hands, I wanna live in the NOW. Everything is going good and I’m happy. Thank you for all your support and I will update you when I have a reason to. Thank you for understanding 💕 Love Sara


Who knew that this day 7 years ago I would run in to my husband 😍 let’s just say a lot has happened since then 😂🙈 #noblelumholdt2018 #meetcute #marstrand #wärdhs