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So I recently wrote about a big change in my life and if you havent read it you can find it here

With change comes new and fun challenges and I am now working with my own company. I do everything from accounting, eventplanning, personal coaching, fitness instructing and the list goes on... 

Today is one of those days when i catch up on my administration. As well as a TO DO list of what my next few weeks will look like. Alot of online courses and strategies coming up but Im soooo excited for everything that lies ahead. I promise I will keep you guys updated with what im up to :).

SOOOOO how do you get more inspired? 

I usually do a classic mind map where I write what I want to do and what I need to work on more to get there. If you have any suggestions on what to do or inspiring blogs/podcasts so comment below. 

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So first thing to start with was is budget. Just a little side note, the budget always runs over ;)

A wedding can be cheap and it can get very expensive quickly, so sit down and talk about what things are the most important for you. 

3 course dinner or buffet, dj/liveband or not, venues that have everything included or find your own place and book catering on the side, local or a bit of a drive... the list is long. 

I think a few things are key to have the best memories from the day. A great photographer, something to remember the guest with like a guestbook or commentcards & making it personal. 

Budgets is tricky because you cant really know the full cost of the wedding until the wedding is over hahaha! But you can make a pretty good estimate when you have your venue booked.  So make a plan of things to get quotes for and also agree on what limit the budget will be and go from there. Dont search on wedding budgets on google and freak out haha! You can find very good pages with great calculators/helping tools but also find many crazy expensive budgets. I have listed some priorities to start with if you are engaged and want to start making a plan.  

Costs to calculate from can be: (in order)

Invites - Tip: Save money and do e-invites, maybe even do a website if you have people from abroad coming to the wedding. it sure is nice to send out invites but again to save money E-invites is a great option. Dont forget to send out save the date emails or cards around 1 year or 9 months before the wedding. The longer before the better if your guests will need to book travel or vacation. 

Venue - Look at options venues with outside catering or booking a package with a venue where you can get a good package incl. drinks/food. It all depends on the location and venue. normally I would say its cheaper to book a venue and add on outside catering, (that means that you would have to do the decorations and maybe cleaning after the wedding, if you have family and friends that can helo out this might be a way to save some money) 

Wedding Dress -
Wedding dresses can be expensive but you can also find cheap and very nice ones. maybe even get second hand and altered it you. There might be local wedding stores that have sales on when the new seasons dresses gets released. Perfect to do a bargain on a dress! Note that if you want to order a dress from a weddingstore it takes 6-9 months to get the dress. So make sure you get that dress ordered in time. (I will tell you all about my dress shopping later) 

Photographer - 
My biggest advice here is go for someone good and not the price tag here. And make sure that you dont pay per photo get a quote to get all the good photos and you get to use them as you see fit. Have the photographer with you the whole day up to the party that way you will have great documentation of the whole day/evening. And book it well in advanced!  (I booked mine the 19 of july 2017, wedding was 25th of august 2018 haha!)

I will write more about the budgeting and planning. But if you already feel overwhelmed my suggestions is to look for local wedding planners or ask a good friend with skills of eventplanning to help you other than that SKY IS THE LIMIT! Good luck!


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So after the proposal had happened we started to look at locations/venues. We went from Scotland, Porsmouth area and Sweden both Stockholm and the island that we first met Marstrand.

We finally found a place that had all the 3 things that we wanted, sea, nature and somewhere we could have the wedding ceremony and dinner all at the same place. i quickly contacted the venue Högberga and did a request for the venue. 

It was in june 2017 when i first contacted the venue and on the 7th of august i was home in Sweden for a quick visit and i managed to go there and see it. IT WAS PERFECT! 

Exactly 1 year before the wedding we had the venue locked in! 2018-08-25.

So my main tip for everyone who recently got engaged and you want to get married at a specific venue or/and a specific date should book it as soon as possible. And also try to be flexible with dates if you find your venue that you really want. Dont get your mind set on a specific date be open until you have all your options at hand. 

Good luck!

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So ever since we first met both me and Chris like movies. We actually love going to the movies and have been since we first started dating. Every time Chris was visiting or home inbetween Regattas we always went to the movies. 

Now we do movie mondays. HOW FUN?! 

And dont forget the sweet popcorn. Sometimes the movies that I or Chris choose is a bit hit or miss. But we havent seen that many bad movies in the cinema. I guess the best on for the books is when i got Chris to go with me and see Les Miserables. Lets just say that we both was leaving the movie before its finished. But we stayed and watched and when it was finished he looked over at me and said, - Next time im choosing the movie. Hahahahaha! 

so after that we might have seen more than 10-20 movies a year... and weve been dating for 6 years... ok maybe not as many as that but at least 60 movies.

anyway last night we saw Predators. I liked it alot, funny but still action. 
So for those of you that love going to the movies that one is one you want to see in the cinema and not in your livingroom. Im giving it 3 stars out 5. 


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The proposal of course. ;)

Chris finally had a weekend off and we started that weekend with celebrating one of our friends birthday. We lived in Hamilton, Bermuda and we decided earlier in the week to go and see the famous lighthouse. Gibbs Lighthouse.

What we didnt plan on was for us to have a massive night out. hehe... so lets just say that I wasnt that excited about the lighthouse. Yes I was very hungover and Chris had to talk me into going to the lighthouse on our bikes. pedal bikes so pretty much a work out. It was one of the steepest hills that i have ever cycled in my life. And do that hungover not so fun. I was complaining about pain in my legs and i was pedaling without going anywhere, Chris had to give me a push in the back while he was cycling as well. haha! 

We got up there and then there was alot of stairs up to the top. And of course we signed the guest book. (she said yes was added on our way out) It was very windy up there and pretty cold. So I was keen on going down once we had seen the view. Chris had a plan of proposing and I went back inside cause I was cold and grumpy/hungover haha!

He called me back out and I joined him just looking out over the Island. Chris hugged me from behind cause I was cold. Then he had taken out the box with ring and held it infront of me, but I was just looking out on the view so he had to tell me; 
Sara look down. And there it was. THE RING! of course I said YES and we went back down and made our way back to our house.

Let's just say that I didn't feel that hungover anymore & it was a bit easier to cycle home down the hill at that point. Very happy and excited for our future together.

I will of course post more about the rings later. The wedding planning started straight away...

Where & when? to be continued...

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and time to open a new one... 

So alot of you have followed me on instagram for a few years now (i know i dont update that often) and you know that I havent really lived in Sweden for the last year and a half. 

I have during these last 2 years lived in 3 different countries and juggling work, dogs and love/family. It hasn't been easy that's for sure. But I have a tendency to just keep going and putting other peoples needs before my own. 

So it was finally time to cut the strings from alot of things that was giving me anxiety and pressure. And I have always told myself that what I do in life should be fun and with 100% of effort and unfortunately it hasnt been possible.

I havent even told some of my closest friends what's been going on for the last year or even what have happened with work in the last few weeks. I've kept quiet about it on my social media channels cause to be honest I haven't had time to process it (full on with a wonderful wedding and an amazing honeymoon) and I didnt really  know what to say, there is alot of things I regret/could have done differently and alot of things that I have learned about myself and other people around me. 
For more than 6 years I have been a part of building up a company/brand that involves peoples well beeing, safety and joy of training/instructing/competing and im so happy to been able to have done that. Im so happy to have met so many awesome people. Colleagues & students, you are a true inspiration! 

I have stepped down from FLOW Polefitness and am no longer apart of the company, a decision that was made because of a lot of things but mostly it was impossible to work from England on something that needed to be hands on and my family and life is in Portsmouth. I wish all the best to the wonderful girls that are still working with FLOW and to grow the brand even stronger. I will always have you close to my heart! ❤️

So now you might be wondering what Im gonna do with my life. And i will tell you... later

So my question to my readers what do you want me to write about; training, diets, our doggies, apartment renovations, wedding tips, honeymoon, travels, styling you name it! 

Let's kick off this new chapter! BRING IT ON!

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Finally, time for me to start blogging again. It has been what like 10 years since my last blog?! 

Anyway here I will update you about my life and wherever it might take me. 

That's why i wanna have the headline. LIVE, LOVE, LEARN! 

Cant wait to see you all in cyberspace ;)!

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