This is me...

Born and raised in Stockholm Sweden. Started out with gymnastics when I was 8 years old but after beeing in a few competitions i decided i wanted to dance instead. I started dancing at a Stockholm based dance school called Lasse Kuhlers. I did some choreographing and was a teacher when i was about 15 for them for a swedish entertainment program called *Small stars* . As a teenager i grew up tpuring the world with a popgroup named The A-teens. We were active as a group inbetween 1998-2004.

After that I worked at a restaurant as well as a clothing store and after that I started working as a CEO Assistent ar a Carwash company ( W&D Carwash 2007-2015). it was nice to get *back to normal* after growing up in a crazy environment. Also worked as a Receptionist slash CFO assistant at a media agency. (Bizkit Havas 2010-2012).

Using the stage name "Sara Love",  I released a cover of Olivia Newton-John's hit, "Physical" for a promotional CD for clothing company WeSC, on their album Let's Get Physical with WeSC.

I released a new track, the song called "Glamour Bitch" featuring Milano Money. The single debuted at No. 57 on the Swedish Single Charts for the week of 13 September 2007.

I co-wrote a whole album with 2 songwriters/producers in LA for me as a popstar but it was never released. i did a few performances with my material but didnt go thru with a record company deal cause I wasn't sure that I was ready. It was probably more like a terapeutic trip for me and to catch up with friends since I lived almost a year in LA during 2008 & 2009.

I started teaching Polefitness at a Pole studio in Stockholm. Studio Dancing Queen.

I participated in the swedish music program Melodifestivalen 2011, singing the song "Enemy", finished 7th in the third semi-final on 19 February. Also participated in my first Poledancingcompetition in New York.
I was also a radio show host. having my own show on a swedish radio station called Radio 1. 

I was the host of Xtra Factor on local swedish channel TV11, it was the aftershow of the Swedish version of the X Factor.

I co-started the Pole Studio FLOW Polefitness in Stockholm and FLOW have now 4 studios in Sweden. Beside the studio in  Stockholm you can find FLOW in Linköping, Karlstad and Örebro. Plus an online retail store. Been teaching pole since feb 2010. In 2014, I won the Swedish Championships in Pole dance. I also became a boardmember of the Swedish Pole Federation and helped coordinate the Swedish Nationals in Pole 2015. 

I am now based in Portsmouth but while living in Bermuda inbetween jan-june I helped out at a Pilates & Aerial studio. Lotus Bermuda. I helped them setting up their Pole-program with curriculum and instructor development.
I started coaching athletes for the Swedish Pole Nationals (march 2018) 

For 3 months I relocated to Stockholm but mostly Linköping where we had our studio (relocation) and had an opening of the studio in march 2018. I coached 15 athletes in The Swedish Pole Nationals and everyone did a great job. We took amongs them 9 medals. Gold, silver and Bronze in different categories see under fitness. I also was a part of the competitions organisation. 

Still a commite member of the Swedish pole Federation. 
In march 2018 i was also recruited to be a part of the tech team for the IPSF. International Pole Sports Federation. I am a part of a team that evaluates the new rulebook that will be released in september of 2018. 

Organised a very successful Pole Competition in Stockholm. Pole Theatre Scandinavia 2018. 
To read more about this competition visit website.