Movie Junkies!

So ever since we first met both me and Chris like movies. We actually love going to the movies and have been since we first started dating. Every time Chris was visiting or home inbetween Regattas we always went to the movies. 

Now we do movie mondays. HOW FUN?! 

And dont forget the sweet popcorn. Sometimes the movies that I or Chris choose is a bit hit or miss. But we havent seen that many bad movies in the cinema. I guess the best on for the books is when i got Chris to go with me and see Les Miserables. Lets just say that we both was leaving the movie before its finished. But we stayed and watched and when it was finished he looked over at me and said, - Next time im choosing the movie. Hahahahaha! 

so after that we might have seen more than 10-20 movies a year... and weve been dating for 6 years... ok maybe not as many as that but at least 60 movies.

anyway last night we saw Predators. I liked it alot, funny but still action. 
So for those of you that love going to the movies that one is one you want to see in the cinema and not in your livingroom. Im giving it 3 stars out 5.  

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