i've closed a big chapter...

and time to open a new one... 

So alot of you have followed me on instagram for a few years now (i know i dont update that often) and you know that I havent really lived in Sweden for the last year and a half. 

I have during these last 2 years lived in 3 different countries and juggling work, dogs and love/family. It hasn't been easy that's for sure. But I have a tendency to just keep going and putting other peoples needs before my own. 

So it was finally time to cut the strings from alot of things that was giving me anxiety and pressure. And I have always told myself that what I do in life should be fun and with 100% of effort and unfortunately it hasnt been possible.

I havent even told some of my closest friends what's been going on for the last year or even what have happened with work in the last few weeks. I've kept quiet about it on my social media channels cause to be honest I haven't had time to process it (full on with a wonderful wedding and an amazing honeymoon) and I didnt really  know what to say, there is alot of things I regret/could have done differently and alot of things that I have learned about myself and other people around me. 
For more than 6 years I have been a part of building up a company/brand that involves peoples well beeing, safety and joy of training/instructing/competing and im so happy to been able to have done that. Im so happy to have met so many awesome people. Colleagues & students, you are a true inspiration! 

I have stepped down from FLOW Polefitness and am no longer apart of the company, a decision that was made because of a lot of things but mostly it was impossible to work from England on something that needed to be hands on and my family and life is in Portsmouth. I wish all the best to the wonderful girls that are still working with FLOW and to grow the brand even stronger. I will always have you close to my heart! ❤️

So now you might be wondering what Im gonna do with my life. And i will tell you... later

So my question to my readers what do you want me to write about; training, diets, our doggies, apartment renovations, wedding tips, honeymoon, travels, styling you name it! 

Let's kick off this new chapter! BRING IT ON!

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